Smarter Stylus Combo Pack


Includes three 25 packs (75 foam stylus) plus five thumb ring accessories that enhance and improve your performance on any capacitive touch screen device such as an iPhone or iPad

  • conductive
  • adhesive
  • disposable
  • 1/8 or 1/4 in thick by 5/16 in diameter

*Warning: Choking Hazard. This product has small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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It is simple and it works- you simply remove a smarter stylus from the 25 pack and place it on your thumb or finger and it will work on all capacitive touch screens on the market.

When finished with the stylus simply remove it and place it on the face of your smartphone for storage –and use it later –when the adhesive wears out – throw it away and start again with a new smarter stylus from the 25 pack.

Smarter stylus can be attached to a metal pen and presto –you have a new stylus.

It can be placed on the thumb ring accessory and you can create your own stylus –place it on the side- on the back–on the front of the thumb ring accessory –whatever works best for you

Smarter stylus can be placed on surgical gloves and it will work or on the thumb ring accessory over regular gloves and it will function well

You can place it on your toes and it will function

Smarter stylus can be placed on the end of a metal prosthetic artificial arm and allow the prosthetic user to use all capacitive touch screens on the market –this is a major breakthrough in technology for the prosthetic user

Smarter stylus –either with the thumb ring or without it, can in some instances, greatly assist quadriplegics or paraplegics or other physically challenged persons navigate for the first time a smartphone or smart tablet device

Because the smarter stylus can be placed anywhere on the skin surface and function – and on the thumb ring accessory the smarter stylus can be placed in many or multiple locations to facilitate use.

There are many features and benefits for smarter stylus –below is a partial list of categories and uses

  1. Wounded Warriors
  2. Prosthetic users – upper extremity
  3. Quadriplegics and paraplegics
  4. Applying to toes for typing emails
  5. Persons with long fingernails
  6. Cold weather with gloves
  7. Pilots using mapping systems on smart tablets-it decreases smudging and increases clarity in reading navigational mapping systems
  8. Eliminates smudging on smartphones and tablets-and makes for a cleaner, nicer looking surface
  9. Aids large thumb or finger users
  10. Create your own stylus for business executives – simply apply a smarter stylus tip to the end of your metallic pen or pencil and it works
  11. As a writing device for artists, designers, or writers-simply place it on your metal pen (or any metallic device) or finger or thumb and start writing or designing- don’t worry about the thickness of the line as in many cases that is governed by the software in the device- such as in samsung’s conductive stylus-smarter stylus will function every bit as well as the expensive stylus’s on the market
  12. Work situations where business executives need one hand free to increase their productivity and speed
  13. Increases speed and accuracy overall
  14. May relieve carpal tunnel syndrome in certain cases
  15. Aids seniors in assisted living using touch screen devices
  16. Aids nurses and doctors using touch screen devices
  17. Increased speed in playing sudoku or other gaming devices
  18. Increase speed and accuracy in late night inventory entries on hand held devices –ie, one hand use
  19. Military applications in the field in tanks – planes –helicopters and more
  20. A work situation where distance from the smart device is necessary – the smarter stylus when applied to a aluminum rod will function up to a distance of at least 4 feet
  21. Speeds up texting for teens using double thumbs
  22. May aid small children while dialing smartphones
  23. In car use for certain persons on touch screens
  24. Keeps fingerprints and smudges off your touch screen and it looks better

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1/4 Inch Thick, 1/8 Inch Thick