To develop products that will facilitate physically challenged persons and/or others in the world that experience difficulty functioning with touch screens to function and fully join the touch screen revolution, be that in the form of a smart phone, smart pad or tablet, smart watch, or other future forms of smart devices in the home, workplace or while at play. To network with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and /or other associations that can offer direct contact with physically challenged persons so as to obtain face to face feedback on product needs and form to facilitate touch screen function. To seek support from private foundations for grants to assist us in carrying out this mission. To be mindful of this basic premise in going forward with innovations.

Vision for the Smarter Stylus

To serve as a catalyst organization that perpetuates the concept that all persons should have the right and opportunity to fully participate in the ongoing, growing and dynamic touch screen revolution and that in the future our contribution of innovative products will produce a world in which that is possible for the world’s growing physically challenged population. To facilitate and introduce innovative products that will improve performance of touch screen usage by the general populace either in speed or accuracy or convenience.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!”
– Steve Jobs

Our Story

My name is Gordon Adkins and I invented the original GPIK thumb stylus in 2007. This was prompted by my desire to operate a touch screen device with one hand, so that I could multi-task more easily.

While developing this product, I was made aware that there were many physically challenged people in the world that cannot operate a touch screen device efficiently and effectively. Whatever those specific cases may be, they may simply need some assistance in operating touch-screen devices rapidly.