• Smarter Stylus

    Just place the foam tips on your thumbs or fingers or use the TRA and it will increase your efficiency in using your touch screen device

  • AR-15 Mag Tool

    The AR-15 mag catch assembly tool is designed for faster magazine catch assembly and is easy to use—it speeds up lower receiver build times

  • BBRT – Bullet Button Release Tool

    The BBRT is designed to be the ultimate tool for quick magazine drops when used with the California bullet button required in California

  • BBRT – Bullet Button Release Tool

    This shows the BBRT next to the California bullet button

  • The SmarterStylus combo pack

    Three 25 pack (75 foam stylus) and 5 thumb ring accessories (TRA)

  • Smarter Stylus

    Use it on your new Apple Watch – a 1/8 inch thick foam tip placed on the thumb

  • Increase your accuracy on touchscreens!

    For touch screen keypads like the Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface – place the foam tips on each finger and thumb and increase your accuracy

gpik for Touchscreens

Smarter Stylus

Foam buttons that assist and speed touchscreen usage. Whatever you currently use, like your fingers, stick the smarter stylus at the ends to give them better accuracy. And for the complete package, look into our thumb-ring accessory.


gpik for Weapons


These gpik accessories act as extensions of your fingertips to speed & ease several precise actions with your weapon.




First Email using SMARTER STYLUS

A customer from California, who is a quadriplegic, typed his very first e-mail using SMARTER STYLUS with the thumb ring accessory.


SMARTER STYLUS helps after Auto Accident

A customer from Missouri who had suffered injuries, due to an auto accident, which left him with limited use of his hand and arm began using SMARTER STYLUS and states that it has definitely helped him use his iPad.


Speed and Accuracy Increased

A young man in Florida, who was born with a stump below the right elbow, uses SMARTER STYLUS today and mentioned it has greatly improved his speed and accuracy on his smartphone.